Farmers Markets

I just want to say that I continue to be blown away with how good your produce is. It's soon good every week.Thank You!”
— Farmers' Market customer, 2017

Winter Green Farm was among the first certified organic farms in Oregon in 1984.

An award-winning farm, we seek to provide you with the highest-quality organic food possible, while also safeguarding and enhancing the natural legacy of the 171 acres of land we steward.

The quality of our crops is rooted in the vibrant health of our farm ecosystem, so we farm with the whole of nature in mind. Soil structure, the tilth, is extremely important to us. We don't seek only to fertilize our crops, but to heal and strengthen the soil in which our crops are grown.

To this end, we are sensitive with our tillage, generous in applying high quality biodynamic composts, and balanced in our cover cropping and rotations.

At Winter Green Farm, we grow food with the capacity to nurture health in people. Good food grows in the living soil of a healthy land.

My kids (ages 4 & 6) used the word "awesome" a total of seven times while we unloaded our veggies today. Thank you!”
— Farmers' Market customer, 2017